Duncan Blount, Chairman

I am from Shelby, NC and Allerton, Iowa. I lead a small writing company and do my best to contribute to my local community. I believe that one of the largest sources of suffering in the hearts around me is the rampant domestic abuse hidden behind closed doors. I believe that by sharing people's stories, and teaching men and women how to break cycles of abuse, we can make a better future for our children.

Leslie Watson

I'm from Charleston, SC and I now reside in Charlotte, NC. My career has varied. I have worked in Sales, Advertising and Marketing, Restaurants, Luxury Suites, High End Hotels and Hospitality. I also worked in Administration at the Red Cross during the time of 9/11. I got to especially see the compassion and humanity of people and people coming together for a common cause.

I experienced domestic abuse early on in my dating life. I would like to help other people know that you can come out of abusive relationships and behaviors and have a better life than you could have ever imagined. Things DO get better.

I want to show those that were in domestic violence situations what the other side of life is like and help them heal their wounds and any issues they may have had.

Rhonda Voss

I'm from Shelby, NC and I still live here!! For my career, I have been an Executive Administrative Assistant, Director of Youth, Children's and Sr. Adult Ministries and Teacher Assistant.  For the last 20 years, I have owned my own Avon Business.

I was married to an abuser for 23 years.  After the marriage ended, I have researched, written and spoken out for Domestic Violence Awareness and prevention.

This was my vision and God-given inspiration and purpose. We will start small, but we will end big. We will help victims find strength and healing.

Larry Voss

I am from Vinton, Iowa and I now live in Shelby, NC. I was originally a farmer, then in the US Airforce. I retired after a 25 year career as a technician, supervisor, and trainer at a Nuclear Powerplant. I currently manage the Foundation property and assist my wife with our Avon Business.

I have a gentle personality. I was in a 33-year marriage and experienced many aspects of verbal and mental abuse. Abuse comes in many forms, and can influence any gender. I believe in BRALF because I enjoy helping people especially those who have been affected by domestic violence.  

Edna Wells

I was born and lived in Mt. Holly N.C for much of my life.  I now live in Albemarle, NC. I worked for 30 years in mills. I have been an Avon Independent Sales Representative since September 22, 2008. I love what I do because it allows me to help women take control of their finances.

I was abused in a previous marriage and I have a daughter that was being abused and hid it from her Dad and me. Abuse is all around us. I know how abuse can affect you and what it means to have someone to talk to you who really understands. It means the world.

I'm a part of BRALF because Rhonda and Larry Voss have a dream of helping abused women by building a retreat to help them get back to some kind of normal life. That's exactly what I needed, and what many women are needing right now. I want to make this dream come true.

Madai Campos

I am originally from Mexico.  I currently reside in Concord, NC with my two teenage daughters.  I have been working with Avon since 2002.  I enjoy working with other women to help them build better lives. 

Like many others, I experienced domestic violence and abuse in my former marriage.  I know how it feels and therefore I wanted to be a part of this venture to reach and help others.